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Last night after picking up my teenage daughter from her weekly youth group she sat in the car and said she had something sad to share.
She told me of a boy in her group receiving a call from his mother. His mother’s message was of this motorcycle accident, how she came upon this tragedy, how terribly injured this man was, how cpr was preformed and how he died right there with her.
My daughter also shared that his wife was six months pregnant and that another small child or children were at home.
I cannot confirm her story but most of the facts that she has relayed match the newspaper’s.
It is my prayer that this young pregnant widow and her family be held up in prayer, comforted with a peace only God give. Amen.
Lisa | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:14 am | #

She is not pregnant and they have 1, 3 year old son. They have many people who love them and will miss him terribly. Although we must ask why, we may never underdstand the depth of His love.Jesus was ready for him. We love you, Tim. God, please fill the empty space.
martha | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:19 am | #

I was leaving Open house at Anacapa last night and I passed right by this accident. I must have missed it by seconds because I passed before the ambulance and fire engine where even there. It was bad, and I called everyone that road a bike that I knew. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this horrific accident. And I want everyone who was involved, even the men directing traffic, that they are in my thoughts.
sad | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:32 am | #

he was my friend. i rode bikes 9 hours with him on saturday, ate at his house last thursday, and spoke to him daily. my soul aches.
josh | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:46 am | #

I ride sportbikes myself. I’m 34 years old with a 15 month old boy. I can relate to this victims situation. My wife isn’t crazy about the fact that I still ride motorcycles. My heart and prayers go out to the family. To all that ride two-wheeled machines, be careful on those side streets. Intersections are the enemy!
Always assume the Mom in the mini-van or the uninsured illegal mexican is going to pull out in front of you. Pick a safe lane and tread lightly…
Gixxzer | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:59 am | #

What about the young driver whose life is forever changed? There’s no one involved — witnesses and emergency workers as well — whose lives were not changed by what happened in an instance.

Area residents have asked for a light at this intersection for years. Now this.
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:06 am | #

Gixxxer, watch out for all drivers not just those you mentioned.
Dr, Squires | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:09 am | #

i just ask why? why you Tim?? wife and son will be taken care of…the hole you have left behind will never be refilled……
brandon | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:12 am | #

Gixxer – this is a tragic event not a forum for you to make racial slurs. Not every Mexican is illegal and even if they were why would that create an accident? Please be mature enough to understand that this was an accident and no reason to bring race into the situation.

My deepest condolences to the family.
Monica G | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:13 am | #

I thought there is a signal light at Telegraph and Brookshire?
EIG | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:18 am | #

My comment is to the person who contacted all of their motorcycling friends to tell them of the accident. I know you meant well, but as a motorcyclist of 20 years, the last thing we want to hear about is how a friend or anyone else was seriously injured or killed in an accident. We are WELL aware of the dangers and the majority of us (including those on sportbikes like myself) are responsible riders who accept the risks of travelling outside of a metal box with airbags. We are not on cellphones, switching radio dials, or fixing our hair when we are traveling. Our full attention is devoted to operating our machine. I appreciate people’s concerns when they relay the grusome tales to me, but I don’t respond with stories about car wrecks when people tell me they got a new car. It’s just really annoying to hear it over an over from those who have never ridden. Yes, they are dangerous as are MANY other things, but the love to ride and do what makes us happy is what keeps us on our bikes year after year. And yes, I have been in a very serious motorcycle wreck and I avoided serious injury by wearing my leathers, gloves, and a good helmet. I don’t know the details of this accident and what he was wearing, but sometimes that is the difference between life and death. Please don’t preach to us riders. We love what we do an understand the risks.
My sympathies go out to the family and friends of this person.
GSXR Erik | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:28 am | #

I was there about 30 seconds after it happened……… All I was able to do was direct traffic and provide a CPR mask… I wish I could have done more. I looked into his eyes…and I will never forget…….. EVERYONE….. give love and strength to each other, hold each other tight. I pray for the family and for the driver of the car…….. do not be afraid to seek counseling……. it truly helps…… I went through almost the same thing 6 years ago…. He is in Gods hands now and he is safe!!
Erin | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:50 am | #

I witnessed the aftermath of this terrible tragedy after I picked my daughter up from her 5th grade outdoor Ed. trip. My daughters too, witnessed the scene that will forever more be imprinted in their minds. As we waited to pull out, we said a prayer for not only the motorcyclist and his family, but for the driver of the car that hit the motorist. Yes…it is sad the grief that the family is going through…I know, I too have lost a loved one tragically, but the grief of the diver is one of a different level that most of us have no clue about. I ask GOD to go before the driver and walk by their side, through this life numbing ordeal. Our prayers are out there for all involved. I am so sorry for your pain.
Samantha | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:00 am | #

Please pray for the family.
crazysox | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:04 am | #

To all who knew and loved this young man, especially his precious wife and son, my heart is broken for you. When my son told me his friend had died, I cried out in prayer for your loss. Both of our sons are greatly grieved. Our hearts are with you, dear friends at The Bridge. We have this hope in God as we walk in this valley of death. All our love, The Morgans.
Cherie Morgan | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:12 am | #

Tim���I will miss you so much. I can’t believe you are gone. You gave so much and were so generous with your time and talents. I thank God for your life and the opportunity I had to know you. My soul grieves for your family and all who knew you. May God bring his peace and comfort.
Meredith | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:13 am | #

I worked for 7 years as firefighter paramedic, needless to say I worked on many people who died in my hands. Those last looks and breaths will stay forever on my mind. It is very important that anyone involved in this tragedy speak with someone, seek counseling or just let their thoughts out in this forum. May this be a reminder to all to spend more time with loved ones, slow down our daily pace of life, and get our priorities in order…you never know. God Bless
joe | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:13 am | #

My 14 yr. old son and I were on our way home and came upon the accident right after it had happened,I was immediately sickened at what I saw.I too called my sister to call my brother and his friends that all ride bikes together because of the overwhelming fear that it may be one of them.I found out who it was within a short time as a friend of ours was riding with him,this hit way to close to home.My heart goes out to the wife and son left behind in this horrible tragedy as well as to all who knew and loved this man.I also hope that god can bring peace to the driver of the car as there life is changed forever as well.Life can be cut short,hug and love those close to you everyday,count your blessings daily,God bless us all
Brenda | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:43 am | #

Tim – I was so stricken with sadness last night. I received a phone call and dropped the phone. I can’t believe this happened. You were a Spiritual mentor to me and many others. May the Lord bless your soul and comfort your family. I will not forget you. Thanks for all you have done! God Bless.
kurt | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:44 am | #

AM | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:45 am | #

Tim, it’s hard to imagine we’ll never again twist the throttle together here on earth. Hoping there’s endless riding up there in heaven buddy. Enjoy him Jesus, we already miss him like crazy here on earth!
Aaron | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:04 am | #

I came across this accident after I left my friends house on Telegraph Rd, as I drove by there slowly I saw the yellow sheet over the Body, and I knew this Individual was deceased,I could not help but notice the Helmet, it did not look like a regular Helmet, it look like one of those Decorative styles.. I rode for Motorcycles for Yrs, and it is not a matter of if you will wreck, it is a matter of when!!!!..Those so-called decorative helmets are not meant to take Hard impact, It pays to where a Regulation Motorcycle Helmet….
LJO | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:07 am | #

i didn’t really know tim. but i saw him at skate street less than 10 minutes before he died. it hurts to think of my friends who worked for him there. and all the kids who knew him. it hurts to know my friends are hurting. it’s comforting to know he’s with his god now. just praying that god would comfort those who are left behind.
Andrea Clark | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:27 am | #

Michele & Gavin, Our prayers are with you now and always. And to the rest of the family.
nancy | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:27 am | #

Michele & Gavin, Our prayers are with you now and always. And to the rest of the family.
nancy | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:27 am | #

A group of friends and I called our friend who lives on telegraph rd. to tell them we were on our way over. They informed us that our other friend had just pulled out of the parking lot and hit a motorcyclist then hung up. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. Although I don’t know the girl who was driving the car very well my heart aches for her and it aches for the man involved- Tim. It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. I am mourning over this and I don’t even realy know anyone involved. It is sad, but it’s life. I know that Tim’s family is getting all the support they ask for after seeing all these sincere comments. May his soul rest in peace.
Kristie | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:36 am | #

Timmy was my cousin. He and I grew up riding together, from my first Honda 70 three wheeler at Pismo in 1979 (of course, Timmy, being the big boy, got a 110 as his first bike). Tim and I also used to spend our summers riding bicycles between Frank’s first shop (Howries) and the Ventura Pier, where we would spend days fishing, only ever catching Mackerel but having a ball nonetheless.

And the nights we would spend at the Ventura Speedway, watching the speedway bikes, quarter midgets and sprint cars… remember that Timmy? When we’d go down by turn four and collect the tear-aways from the drivers goggles?

For those who don’t know Timmy, I would like to reiterate some of the kind words mentioned above – Timmy was one of the most intelligent, thoughtful and respected human beings I have been blessed to know. My heart goes out to Micky and Gavin, as well as Frank, Lynne and Paula.

Rest In Peace my brother. I will love you forever and will never forget about you.

Later dude…
Beau Redstone | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 11:00 am | #

Tim was a very genuine, talented person. He spoke to me often of his love for his wife and son. I am so so sorry to all of his friends and family. This is a reminder to all of us to appreciate every moment and treasure our loved ones. God bless Tim and everyone who knew him
Heather | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 11:02 am | #

My prayers are with you Miki and Gavin!
Jeremy | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 11:23 am | #


Why does illegal mexiancs have anything to do with this? My prayers are witht this family and I am sad to hear about this horrific accident. You nver know when it will happen and this is a horrible tragedy. God bless his soul and family
pat v | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 11:36 am | #

Tis amazing how the ripple from the stone in the pond ripples so far. Minutes before a school function, my friend Kurt called to tell me of Tim’s death. Living now in Kona, Hawaii, my memories rushed back from my days growing up with Tim in California; playing football together, talking music, and surfing. More than anything else, I remember Tim’s stand for Christ during his later years of high school. Playing with, As He Likes It and loving the Lord.
scott sveiven | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 12:06 pm | #

When I returned home to my wife and two boys, 2 years and 7 months, my heart ached for Tim’s wife and family. I know Christ is big enough for anything if we only trust in him. I made sure last night to spend time reading that extra book with my boys. I pray that by Tim’s testimony and this tradgedy that people may come to know Christ as their Savior. That’s all that matters.
scott sveiven | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 12:13 pm | #

Obviously the light at the end of this very sad tunnel, is to hear of a man like this man and to have people say “Wow…so many loved him and admired his relationship with God.”
It’s amazing and inspriring and it makes those who do not yet know Christ seek him…I know because it happened to me. I heard of a death of a man I never met. The remembrances of him were absolutely filled with his love of Christ, his walk with God and all of these people saying “We’ll see you up there.”
I knew I was missing something in my life. I thought of losing my husband and that I needed to get my faith right before that day may very well come.
I wanted the extraordinary and beautiful relationship with God that I witnessed in this man’s memorials…I signed up for a Bible study and jumped in.
I can not explain the void that has been filled or the love I have developed for Christ and the gratefulness I feel that I have been able to bring my husband and kids into this faith-filled life.
I hope anyone that reads these postings for this man, and witnesses this love and this faith that apparently surrounded him, well if you want to know it too,I hope you just do it–find a church or a bible study and get to know God. This man’s death is not in vain. I pray for his family and all who loved him that God may comfort your aching hearts…
Jen | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 2:05 pm | #

i have seen tim over the years at the bridge and never really had the chance to talk to him but always looked up to him. i recently started working at skate street/the loft early this year and just in the past weeks i started seeing more and more of tim as we started remodeling the skate park. right before he left to head home i said good bye, take care and see you tomorrow never knowing those would be my last words to him. tim is one of the nicest and smartest people i have ever met and i look up too him and wish i could have known him better. my prayers go out to the family and friends.
david | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 3:22 pm | #

Miki, Gavin, Lynn, Frank & family:

We groan and weep with you. There is no consolation that we can offer other than our tremendous love for you and the tears we weep as we watch you process this. Please, if we can support you in any way…

all of our love.
jared & gina
jared | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 3:32 pm | #

Tim you were one of the greastest people bob and I have ever come are family to us, and will be greatly missed..our hearts go out to Tims whole family and extended skatestreet family .we will miss you
jenn and bob | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 3:35 pm | #

Bridge Community please continue to comment here.
Dan | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 3:39 pm | #

We loved Tim so much. The loss…leaves us without words…so young…a man of such character… our sons have grown up together. Our lives have intersected in so many ways. We have grown older together, learned together, talked trash about movies together. I remember a line from a song that still makes no sense to me: ‘God gives and takes away. Blessed Be Your Name.’ Now this has happened and it’s brutal and it’s a senseless accident, and this line from this song seems to make no sense. I don’t understand it. Purpose eludes us right now. We pray for Tim’s family now, the ache, the pain, the questions. We pray for the driver of the car. Dear Lord, we just pray.
Nicole and Alex | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 5:44 pm | #

GSXR ERIC…well I was NOT telling my friends about the accident! I was calling all them to make sure they where OK. And a matter of fact, I AM a rider! So dont you start preaching to me! As I checked here to see if there was more info on who it was, my heart and I am crying right now, cause I grew up with Tim! So I REALLY DONT need to hear your little spew Eric! Paula and the rest of the family, I am SO sorry for your loss! He will be deaply missed! This comes a friend who grew up with you, just a block away!
sad | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 5:49 pm | #

My prayers are with you all.. I am deeply sadden of your loss I pray that Tim be held in God’s loving embrace now and forever: Lord Jesus I turn to you with trust. May his family be consoled in their grief, Lord I turn to you with trust. May the friends of Tim who shared friendship, school and sports together be consoled and comforted, Lord Jesus I turn to you with trust.
Our families have known each other for many years, we are all here for you. May God Bless you.
Love The Burke & Steen family
sharyl burke | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 5:56 pm | #

god bless everyone affected in this tragidy! From Paula, to Tims beautiful son, to that poor girl and her family!
Marshall Family | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 6:04 pm | #

Miki, Gavin and family,

My tears, my love and my prayers are with you. May God’s grace carry you in the days and weeks to come. May you find strength and comfort in His love.
JoAnn | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 6:19 pm | #

3-5-72 ��� 4-20-05


in his son���s eyes,
in the woman who loved him,
in the woman who birthed him,
in the man who raised him,
in the vision of skate street,
in the bridge family that supported him,
and the world he touched forever.

A saint does not leave this earth without affecting it
with the love & compassion of Jesus.
pk | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 6:44 pm | #

Dear Tim, I dont know you or never spoke a word to you…but when I was working last night in my back yard I heard this horrific sound of the accident. I looked over my fence and there you were! A tremendous sadness came over me and knew you were crossing over to the other side.I sent you positive thoughts and love to make your journey to the light a little easier, I hope you received it! Although it is sad for the people you left behind.You are part of the bigger plan now.I know you will watch over the people you love and they will have an angel on their shoulder now for their remaining time on earth!!! Tim I hope you will rest in peace! Sincerely your friend you never knew
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:24 pm | #


I miss you so much! I am so grateful for the gift you were in my life. Tim you taught me so much. You are a world shaker and you do it thru individuals. I admire you so much.. In life you made a difference to those around you without prequalification. TIM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
You made such an impact on me and I feel so honored to have the close friendship we have, I will remember the many talks about life family, Jesus, parenting, cell phones, events, work, ministry, diets, computers, tools, motorcycles, cars, designs, websites, surfing, skating snowboarding, music, friends, mentors, high school, kids and the future forever.

We were supposed to be on rocking chairs together when we were old.
The porch will be so lonely with out you. I wish I could tell you how strong you wife is being right now… and how your family & friends are taking care of everything. Including each other. Miki made your arrangements today. I have been in survival mode half of the time and in agony the other half. You were a brother to me and I long to see you again, When I get to heaven I will see you again.
My thoughts and emotions are fighting me I cant let them out in a pshycal manner or I wont be able to stop them and breaking things wouldn���t honor you..
I am scattered without words I have cried so much today. I went in you home office and sat on the floor and felt like I was dry heaving.. It has been just over 24 hours since you accident I am sorry I wasn���t their with you..
I love you Tim!!!!!
Dan McGranahan | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:40 pm | #

Tim, I just visited the site where you passed on to be with the Lord. I just sat and prayed, Our friend Scott called while I sat there. I know he called at that moment for a reason. Scott is one of the two most spiritual mentors to me. Tim, you were the other. You may have never known it while here, but you know it now. Though we only saw each other every couple of months, we always picked up as if we saw each other everyday. I lost a brother last night. I haven’t stopped thinking or crying about you. May your reward in heaven be great. Michele and Gavin, we have never met, but Tim always spoke his love for you. God will give you comfort and peace. My prayers will be with you.

Love, Kurt
kurt | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 7:49 pm | #

I’ve been thinking about our conversation yesterday…If I’d only known it would be our last… “loss” doesnt even begin to describe what we are feeling right now. We’re getting together and were hugging alot and crying alot and hugging alot and crying alot, but I know you’d be happy that we’re together. I’ve been running in to people all day that knew you in one way or another. You’re remembered and your loved and you made a difference in people. We miss you already.
Mandy | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:29 pm | #

I never knew Tim or any of his family or friends but reading all those comments about him and feeling the sadness of all people who wrote in here, all I can say he must have been beautiful and God took him back home because he needed him too. Sorry for your loss – friends, family and the other riders. Also the other driver. The only good thing that comes out of something like that is that people remember God and know that this is were it all is.
JustMe | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 8:35 pm | #

May he rest in piece with another bridge member Jun “budda” who was lost last year in a m/c accident also!
Jay | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:16 pm | #

Tim,your life was beautiful man! Thank you for your compassion.I was at the Bridge the sunday you shared and it really touched my heart.Your words will never be forgotten in my mind.You said that we need to copy the original picture of christ! You where worried that God wouldent speak through you to the community of the Bridge but he truly did.I pray for your family.Jesus comfort his wife and kids.
jim | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:42 pm | #

The accident happened right outside my apt. complex. I passed by shortly after it happened. I can’t help but think of the wife and child he leaves behind; my heart goes out to your family. In my thoughts are also the woman who drove the car, I’ll never forget how broken up she was when the paramedic told her he didn’t make it. I send my thoughts and prayers to both families involved and all others who were affected.
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 9:51 pm | #

When Tim would visit my work it was always too easy to stop what I was doing, sit down and talk about the latest in computer technology, software, and multimedia.
Like a wide- eyed kid he would listen and absorb all that he could & use it to strengthen & improve the delivery of God’s message to others. “The Bridge” blended the best of lights, music, effects, and God’s love for all of us.
Terry & the TDC Gang
Terry | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:10 pm | #

I will never forget when I first meet Tim and Miki, I believe it was at college group at First Baptist.?. I knew right then that they loved the Lord deedly. So I can rejoice that Tim is in heaven, and I know that Jesus will sustain you and Gavin, Miki- He already is.

Life is uncertain. Have you meet Tim’s dearest of friends – Jesus – If you haven’t I know Tim would’ve like to introduce you. Jesus came to this earth. He died a horrable physical death, and rose to life inorder to pay the dept incured by our rebellion against God. Jesus wiped the slate clean, and gave us the gift of a relationship with God, eternity in heaven. Forgiveness is a prayer away. Have you accepted this gift? You can right now. Say something like God this sucks I’ve got it all wrong. I need you. I’m sorry I rebelled. Thank you for your gift I accept forgivness. AMEN (so be it).

Thank you Tim for shining the light of Christ. See you when we get there.
Shawn McFarland | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:26 pm | #

Tim, the hair on my spine rises as I type. I know what you shared with others and have accomplished in this life and how special your life has been. It has been a blessing to more people than you could ever know. Your mighty and eternal spirit will live on with everyone you touched and your family will always be strong because of the strength and devotion you shared with them and the world. I will always be inspired by your life and will pray and work through that inspiration. Thank you Tim. It hurts so bad to say goodbye to you, but I know you’d say something like, “It’s gonna be okay.” God Bless brother.
S | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 10:27 pm | #

Tim, you will truly be missed. You were such an inspiration and such a man of God. You will continue to touch and be an inspiration in the hearts you touched. Miki and Gavin, you are in my prayers. My heart goes out to the both of you. I don’t understand why this had to happen but I just have faith that God has a bigger picture planned, and to have faith. It all seems like a dream, but it’s not. Faith and Hope is what we need right now, God please be with his family and with us. Tim, you are in a better place, you are with God and that is such a comfort to know. I honestly don’t know what to say, it’s all such a shock. God Bless you Tim. God Bless Everyone!
Julia | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 11:26 pm | #

what to say? i’m not one to know what to say or what to type all the time…. but i do know miki, that God will meet you in the place that you are and in the places you will be…HE will lead you day by day and hold you night after night..He loves you and will never leave u , He will carry you when you are tired and comfort you when you are sad…yah i know that it’s hard to believe when you are the one who is going through all this…but i pray that God will take you deeper,that you would swim in his love His healing and His understanding…i love you and our prayers go out to you , gavin, pappa garetty and lynn…Tim we love you and will miss you thank you for being you and pouring in to not just our lives but so many others, unconditionally and genuinely….
c & v | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 – 11:53 pm | #

After walking through yesterday with Miki, her prayer at days end was for Amanda. If anyone knows how to contact her please let me know. Miki has only compassion for her and that needs to be known and felt by Amanda. I can not imagine the place that Amanda is in, but she needs love and support in this hour. Remember her in your prayers as Miki has.
David | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 9:26 am | #


Pam Thum & Marty Magehee

I think of you, remembering our times
The laughter, the love
We never planned to say goodbye
And some times I cry

But yesterday���s gone and we know
It won���t be long until forever comes
But we share this hope
That we still have a home
Where we will meet again
Until then

I will see you in the morning
Just inside heaven���s door
I will see you in the sunrise
Over on a brighter shore

No more tears, no more pain
In a far better place
I will miss you till then
Oh, but I promise you again
I will see you in the morning
I will see you in the morning

So many lives are changed
Because of you
You live so close, to the God
Who now holds you
Your dreams have come true

But yesterday���s gone and we know
It won���t be long until forever comes
We share this hope
That we still have a home
Where we will meet again
Until then

I will see you in the morning
Just inside heaven���s door
I will see you in the sunrise
Over on a brighter shore

No more tears, no more pain
In a far better place
I will miss you till then
Oh, but I promise you again
I will see you in the morning

Deep in my heart
It���s so hard to let you go
But the Father has a purpose
And I know

I will miss you till then
But I promise you again
I will see you in the morning
I will see you in the morning
pk | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 11:13 am | #

Hey Tiny…The beach has lost a great friend. We will miss playing V-ball with you this year, on the longest day of the year. This was your day. You would stay out and play until you couldn’t see the ball anymore.
It will always be your day. We will celebrate your life…
Osk | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 11:35 am | #

It has been a long long time since I was in the presence of Tim but I remember him very well. He was one of my points of reference for the definition of a “good person” and someone with strong convictions. I am very, very sad to hear of this loss. Tim . . . I pray for the loss that your wife and children are suffering . . . and for Amanda’s suffering as well.
Eddie | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 12:44 pm | #

You were like the cool older brother everyone wanted to know. I’m glad I got to pray with you on Sunday, and glad I told you , you looked skinny (you did you know, most of all I’m glad for the time we had with you. Your wit and way with words was amazing. When you shared on Sunday you sounded so humble and spoke your heart with such grace. I can’t express how much I admire you. I miss you so much. Hug Jun for me. All my love.
Anna | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 1:53 pm | #

What kind of computer should I buy? How do I get my Pictures to have more color contrast? How can I get better gas mileage on my gas guzzler? how should I confront an issue with this person? What should I eat on Atkins? Why does my computer keep crashing? and of coarse Do you want to play vollyball? followed by your response of Do you want to Jam? (only you���ll get that one). No matter what the question you always had an answer for me. you were so knowledgable and so wise. You always had time for me, even when you didnt have time. Im so glad I had a chance to give you a hug and a little pat on the butt on sunday. Never would have imagined it would be the last. You were a model husband, a model father and an incredibe friend. Truly a SUPERMAN Im going to miss you so so much�Ķ….. I love you.
David M | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 1:57 pm | #

i hope the love and admiration people had for timmy will carry thru and comfort mickey,gavin, and most of all the girl who killed tim. at such a young age she will forever be changed. this girl didnt set out to kill anyone on a standard wed. evening, but foever the what if’s will haunt her life. I wish in a way she had known tim as everyone who did he showed a path way to god, and all that tim knew god had to give to those who opened thier mind and heart. i have known timmy all my life he is my cousin. my mind goes back to times when were young, trouble seem to be around every corner and i would find it each time. tim was never far from the action and always he was in just as deep as me but had the good sense to keep quiet and let me take the fall.

i remember when we 11 and out at uncle monks farm tim dared me to get on an old race horse, no bridel, no sattle, hell not even a rope.tim laughed so hard he cried when the horse took off me not even all the way on lookin like i was in a bad “B” western movie.but the look of fear when the ride ended with me on the ground screaming was almost priceless. we both knew my mom was going to freak we tried to get a story together but all our effort to stay out of trouble was in vien when another told the whole story. i got a cast that went from my toes to my hip and a ruined summer and he went home to cali and surfed all summer.

there were 7 of us born in 1972,and along the way we picked up an 8th when we were blessed enough to have beau become part of our family too. in an odd way being part of the kids born that year was almost special,some of the cousins we dont know but for myself gary timmy and beau we knew eachother. we were in and out of eachothers life but we could always pick where we had left off. i wish i had know timmy more as we became “grown ups”. my heart is heavy and there is an emptiness i cant explain. reading all the wonderful words people have posted i know it was my loss and now it will forever be my pain. tim i am sad in a way that i cant explain i know you were so loved here on earth and your love of god will carry you to the promised land, but i cant help but to cry for all that was not. i will forever miss you and your million dollar smile that could light the world.
ps look my mom up and tell her i’m trying
jenn | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 2:27 pm | #

To Gixxzer; “Always assume the Mom in the mini-van or the uninsured illegal mexican is going to pull out in front of you”. ??? Sounds like your IQ and helmet size are the same number.
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 2:28 pm | #

My heart goes out to Tim’s family, friends and loved ones. I haven’t seen Tim in years; doesn’t matter, I know how much of an awesome person he is, and I KNOW he has touched so many people in such a positive way. Tim, you will be missed…..
Ryan | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 2:53 pm | #

Re: The continuing comments to the guy who made the comment about the mom’s in mini vans and illegal aliens,although some of your responses back are with good intentions,people are in agony over the death of a man loved by hundreds……this is not the place for your pettiness and sounding off.Please do not waste precious time and energy being sarcastic and mean to on another,realize what is important!Go take that time to hug someone you love,kiss your child,say I love you…..As you see it could be the last time anytime….God Bless you Tim
B.D. | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 3:02 pm | #

Tim was always quick to give a big hug and a warm smile. It’s been hard going to the bridge this past year because it was missing Jun, now it will be missing another familiar face. I pray for and grieve with Miki and Gavin. May God give them the peace that passes all understanding. May God’s love shine down on Amanda through all of us.
KJ | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 3:31 pm | #

As I’m sitting here at work, reading all the comments written by Tim’s friends and loved ones … I’m blown away at the love for this man and his family. Although I have no idea what “the bridge” is or who Amanda is, I wish that I too had the opportunity to have known Tim. I pray for the pain of loss to be replaced with the warmth of memories and I pray for peace of mind and heart for the the woman who caused this horrible accident … may God be with you all. Peace.
Lynda | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 3:36 pm | #

Dearest Tim, remarkable man of God and follower of Christ, Thank you for who you are and living the way you did. Very few have accomplished so much in spreading the gospel of Christ in so many ways in such a short time. Your light will continue to shine here even though your time with us is finished until we get to the other side. My soul aches to be with you and all those you left behind. Frank, I���m so sorry you have to bury your son. I can���t imagine how you must be hurting. Lynn, it was such a pleasure to see you start coming to the bridge in 2002, I���m so glad that you can take comfort in knowing your beloved son is with our Father in a much better place. I wish I could give you both a bear hug. Miki and Gavin, your smiling faces, shine in my mind overcoming the shadows of anger and hurt. I wish I could be there to do something, anything to help. Bridge community, I miss you all and grow weary of being out of touch except during tragedies. Thank you God for allowing us to know your character through your son and your servant Tim Garrety. He was one of the upright out of the thousands. He will be sorely missed by the whole community that is no longer whole. God please fill the tremendous chasm left by the absence of our brother. Tim congrats on receiving your prize my friend. Your sojourn is over, enjoy God���s glory. I look forward to meeting you again. Phil 3:14. Tim was truly one who pressed on through life always hanging on to the Goodness of God. We must follow his example so this tragedy is not in vain.
Blessings and Peace…………

Matthew Swanson | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 4:06 pm | #

Re: to those responding to the Gixxxer comments or him responding back or whatever

Look-this isnt the place or time, PLEASE just DROP it all.

I’d appreciate it.

To Lynda, the bridge is our church community located in downtown ventura. .

Yes, Amanda, the other person who was also hurt in many ways we might not see. I hope she can be lifted by God and that she will allow HIM to do that and if she could read this I would ask her to open her heart to our Father, I know He wants to pour out comfort to her. If any know her please tell her that many of us have been praying for her injuries also.
Jesus holds out His scarred hand to all who would take it. I hope she can do that today.
Dave Z | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 4:11 pm | #

My husband was in an accident just a short distance from Tim’s accident two years ago. A woman stopped at the intersection on Victoria and Telegraph and then ignored the red light and pulled out. My husband was traveling at speed (40-45mph) on his motorcycle and hit the brakes hard but it wasn’t enough and he hit the front of her mini-van and crashed. Thank God he was not hurt but the call from him that day (my birthday incidentally) was enough to chill my blood. He knew Tim and hearing this story just makes me realize how easily my husband could have been killed. How this story could be his.

Everyone says how dangerous motorcycles are … and, yes, I do agree to some extent. But here are two instances where the people driving cars are to blame. Motorcyclists have every right to be on the road and people in cars need to be more aware that they are there. Yes, accidents do happen but there is so much we can do to prevent another accident such as this one. Does that intersection need a light? Absolutely. But it happened to my husband where there was a light and it sure didn’t help. Did I mention the driver of the car was on her cell phone at the time?

My heart aches for Tim’s family and the pain was doubled when I realized he was a member of The Bridge. We lost our dear friend Jun just under a year ago and he, too, was a member there. What a horrible loss for that community. I am so sorry for everyone who knew Tim and who will feel his death forever. May something good come from this … even if we never know what that is.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.
Stasia | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 4:50 pm | #


they were both in the worng place at the wrong time. may tim and his families souls be blessed. and that god will shine on amanda and help her through the accident that will scar her life forever.
someone | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 5:18 pm | #

Dear Jesus, I know you have huge plans for Tim because you took him so young. i pray for Miki and Gavin, give them the “peace that passes all understanding” that your word teaches. i know the legacy Tim leaves behind will be honoring to you and I pray that his tragic passing will lead others to you. Tim, you are a loving father, great friend, wonderful husband, but most importantly a committed Christ follower who’s life will be remembered by all who knew and loved you. to quote a great christian song, “THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD, I AM SO GLAD YOU GAVE.” Enjoy the golden streets of heaven buddy, we can’t wait until we’re there with you. Later Brother.
kevin b. | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 7:31 pm | #

I want to say thank you to all that have sent there thoughts and well wishes. This is a very hard time for our family and as for myself being Tim’s little sister he would not want us to have any ill will torwards amanda and I don’t. As special as my brother was and how many lives he touch and changed God had even better plans for him. I will miss watching how he could light up a room but now he ultimately, with the lord.
Paula Steele | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 10:56 pm | #

I have been reading all of the love being shared between the friends, family and acquaintances of Tim. I am a rider, Emergency RN/Medic and truly touched by the concern and love being displayed for the young woman who has unfortunately had her live changed forever.

This is the true meaning of being a good person and a true Christian. I have a funny feeling that those of us who have copied the website and are learning of him are going to be living a much better life because of Tim.

Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful life and embracing the other victim(s) involved. I am seeing a true example that needs to be remembered.

God Bless Tim’s family, friends and everyone else involved with him directly or indirectly through this. He’s touching our lives even still.
LF | Email | Homepage | 04.22.05 – 11:04 pm | #

Iam so sorry and sad for everyone involved in this horrible tragedy.Ihave known this young man for 17 years since i met him on buena soccer team.He was so nice and very funny and we had some fun times in high school with all the KIDS.After school finished we went differant ways but he never strayed from who he was or what he believed in (JESUS CHRIST).No matter what struggles i might be going through when i would see tim he would always have a smile and kind words.He was a great man who will be missed in the physical but who will always be in our hearts.i was on my way home from canada at a snowboard trip when scott g. called me with the heart broke and tears have flown ever since i heard.i ve never met his wife or son and i dont know the young lady but i pray for you all and the thousands of people this young man touched in his too short all the people at the bridge and at skatestreet take comfort in knowing he loved you all very much.


christopher pryor | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 12:02 am | #

I’m thankful for having had the possiblity to meet Tim & Miki several times! They ment a lot, especially for my daugther and her family. There are no meaning whatso ever with an accident like this! But God will show himself in details for Miki and Gavin, and for other friends, I’m sure! Miki, there is a scripture I want to give to you: Rom.8:37 After words of much tribulations, it’s said:”Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us..”
To us all, I want to say: Let’s take time to live now! Now is the only time we have! Love each other now, treat other people right now, do what Jesus want you to do now!
God bless you all! Try to take care of Miki and Gavin in the very best way, not only now during this shocking time of sorrow, but also afterwards, please!
Per Cedergardh (Mia’s father),Sweden
Per Cedergardh | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 2:17 am | #

A 19 yr old driver turns and cuts off the motorcycle —- she needs to have her license revoked and take lots more driving classes. It’s like stupid drivers who cut off large trucks —
sandy | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 11:06 am | #


It���s such a rip off
God doesn���t do this
He may allow it
But He is not the author of it.

And because it���s such a rip off
We will only fight harder against the evil in this world.
We will fight harder for the Invisible Children of Uganda
Fight against injustice in every corner of the world even here.

We will show compassion
No we will become compassion
We will love and embrace the outcasts, the lonely, and the good, bad and ugly
We will become love by God���s mercy and grace.

We will stop the grumbling, the bickering, the accusing, and the hate
Take a good look in the mirror
Man���s life is but a breath
a gift a light to the world.

First for us that compassion and love goes out to Amanda
That God will fill her heart, that must be breaking and protect her mind
Miki���s heart is already full of love and compassion for this girl.
Miki and Gavin you are Love.

I see Tim standing in Heaven holding his other child
Just as he held Gavin here on earth
Laughing, same smile on his face only bigger
God we promise to do better
Thank you for sharing Tim with us.

God thank you that your grace covers this
Ragamuffin PK

p.s. If Tim were here he would extend this invitation to you
For anyone out there who is hurting, lonely needs a hug.
We are the bridge a family a community of love and compassion.
Come let us love you�Ķ�Ķ�Ķ�Ķ�Ķ.

83 S. Palm
Ventura 93001

pk | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 11:53 am | #

Sandy, My daughter arrived upon the scene just as that 19-year-old driver let out a blood-curdling scream and lost her balance in absolute agony and shock over this accident. I’m sure she will suffer over what has happened forever. She may have been a decent driver who made one fatal mistake in not seeing the bike. We’ve all gone through a red light, accidentally changed lanes in front of somebody at least once in our lives. Your comment on this board is cold-hearted and callous.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Miki and Gavin as well as Ms. Naor. It sounds like Tim was an amazing man.
Mary | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 12:08 pm | #

you don’t have heart, you’re an idiot. still at this time of pain and sorrow, you are evil. mothers with children aren’t the only persons whom drive mini vans, and mexicans aren’t the only ones that drive without insurance. i’m lol because you are the kind of person we can do without in this world!!!
gixxzer | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 12:15 pm | #

excuse me but the comment was to you gixxzer (idiot)
gixxzer | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 12:22 pm | #

martha | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 1:34 pm | #

Will you PLEASE stop already! This is NOT the place for all this! We are trying to help eachother and love eachother through this hard time, and you are arguing! My heart and love go out to mom, dad, paula n jason, and to amanda.
Casey | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 1:41 pm | #


I am not sure where to start�Ķ I love you and miss you so much. You are my best friend�Ķ what do you do when your best friend is gone�Ķ

I talked to Gavin the next day. He is so smart�Ķ he said that daddy was helping God build our new house and that you needed to take care of the baby we lost. It is so hard to know that he will miss out on so much with his daddy�Ķ He wont���t miss out on any of you or the things you loved. Our friends will make sure of that�Ķ who is going to fix those patio doors? Who is going to show me how to work all of your things?

You are my everything�Ķthank you for leaving me the best part of you�ĶGavin. I love you forever.

Miki | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 2:28 pm | #

Just saw your message. Praying God’s deepest comfort for you and your family. May God be glorified in this tragedy.
Jana | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 2:41 pm | #

Miki, Gavin, Frank, Lynne, Paula, Jason and the rest of my family

I���m so sorry that I cannot be with you all right now physically but please know that you are with me in my every thought and that the prayers are constant and will continue. I feel so blessed to have known Tim and to have been accepted so lovingly into your family when I married Uncle Mike. It was the love and respect that I saw between you and Tim that gave me such great inspiration as Michael and I began our lives together and little Gavin, well he���s the angel that always brings me a smile and warms my heart.

I���m spending the weekend with my son���s and yes, Miki I will be going to church in the morning and sharing with the church family that I had drifted from after my own divorce, I know Tim would be happy.

I love you all so very much and a part of me is there with you now. Please know as the days grow longer and the crowds return to their own lives that I���m always here and will keep in touch and some day soon, Uncle Mike and I will be visiting and spending time with you all.

I treasure my few memories of Tim and as I work on that dissertation on digital storytelling I���ll regret that I don���t have Tim there to answer not only the techie questions but the focus questions but his spirit will be there with me as I sometimes cuss at my Macintosh and try and learn Final Cut Pro�Ķ.

I smile at the memories of our Christmas in Kansas City with the lights and Gavin���s face as he saw the glitter on the horse���s hooves and will always remember the love and joy in all of your faces.

Know that I am with you all this weekend in spirit and that I���m always only a phone call or email away..and please give Gavin a special kiss from his Aunt Cynthia in Iowa�Ķ.

you are loved�Ķeach of you

Aunt Cynthia | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 3:20 pm | #

I haven’t seen Tim since we graduated from Buena in 90, but as soon as I read the article, I immediately knew who he was. Popular, football player, senior picture with a white bow tie..yup. It’s the same guy. He was so very nice in high school, and it’s been 12 years since we graduated, but just to know that Tim was serving the Lord is such a relief. As I read, he is building a mansion with God for his family and in a blink of an eye they will be there with him. Stay strong and of good courage. Keep the faith. Never lose a memory. Be blessed. God uses any situation to bring His glory and His purpose about. Tim touched many lives while he was here on earth and to those that loved him so dearly, remember how much he loved the Lord and never faulter in your faith. Fight the good fight to the end. You will see Tim again. In Jesus name.
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 4:28 pm | #

My heart goes out to you; a loss is never an easy thing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers….

Tim, I remember the first time he babysat Ashley, he instantly became her favorite. He would always take her to some big trampoline and she would have the time of her life. He had a way with both of my children of always making them feel welcome, special and unique.

There was the summer Jacob went to just about every summer camp session at Skate Street. Tim would always take his time with him, welcoming him and made him feel special. In fact I later overheard Jacob telling his friends he knows the owner of skate street. So very cool for him.

I will forever remember Tim as someone who made us all feel important. He had a way of making people feel like they were all that mattered at that particular moment.

Miki, you have helped him to become who he was. I’m sure you will raise your son to be the same kind of wonderful person his Dad was…
Lynn Danchuk | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 4:35 pm | #

PK, I cant seem to get the link to open, here is mine. Miki, Paula speaks SO highly of you, you are an amazingly strong and courageous women!
Casey | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 5:05 pm | #

You were a great friend to my husband. You had an amazing gift for being brutally honest and yet utterly compassionate. Your devotion to Miki and Gavin was always unmistakable. You are so missed. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We will never forget you. You live on in the people you touched.
We, as so many others, mourn with you and Gavin. We are praying for you. We love you and will do all we can to support you and Gavin.
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 7:18 pm | #

When I received news of Tim’s passing I couldn’t stop asking God why. I’ve come to realize that GOd must’ve needed another angel in heaven. Tim touched the lives of countless people, as we all know, & will continue to do so thru his kindred spirit. I haven’t seen him in years for we both went down separate paths, but I will always remember him fondly & w/ a smile. I pulled out some old photos from high school of us & reflected upon good times. He was always one of my favorite male friends, a person you’d be proud to know. You’ll be missed Tim, but always remembered in heart & spirit! My thoughts & prayers are w/ Tim’s family & all who knew & loved him. God bless & watch over you & yours.
Laura Klemm | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 7:54 pm | #

Tim was a one of a kind guy. I met him in 1998 after moving to Ventura to be a youth pastor. Tim and I hit it off because we both loved surfing, skating, and alot of the same music. We ended up doing alot together at Skatestreet because of our mutual desire to see kids discover the real person of Jesus Christ. Tim’s approach was subtle, indirect, relational, and always with no strings attached.

Over time we started hanging out more. Baja. Cultural Research at the Edwards Theaters. Shooting Pool, and countless sessions of bagging on goofy God followers. When I learned of Tim’s passing late Wednesday night I went on a long walk. I thought about Miki, Gavin, and how much I admire Tim. Tim was a rare mix of unbelievable talent, self effacing humor, and sincerity to the core. Saying that people like him don’t come that often in life is an understatement. Nobody can replace Tim because Tim was an original. In fact if there is one thing that I learned from Tim it was to be yourself and the person God made you to be. Anything less is just being a poser. Thanks Tim for being you and reminding us to do the same.

Your missed so much. Much love.
Ryan Delamater | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 9:45 pm | #

Can anyone tell me what year Tim graduated from Buena High? We have a GROUP on Yahoo for Buena alumni and I would to put him in our memorial page under his year of graduation so that we can remember him. What a loss to our lives here, but what an adventure he is on now. Thank you! LORI
Lori Leach | Email | Homepage | 04.23.05 – 11:05 pm | #

I believe 1990
Casey | Email | Homepage | 04.24.05 – 12:22 am | #

Yes, 1990
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 04.24.05 – 7:56 am | #

I didn’t know Tim, but from everything I have read, he sounds like the man you want your son to become, the man you want your daughter to marry, and the man you would love your father to be more like. I hope these messages about Tim inspire the men who read them to strive to become more like he was. I didn’t know Tim, but I am so impressed by his memory. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Shelley | Email | Homepage | 04.24.05 – 5:20 pm | #

When I first heard about Tim’s death from Heather, I was in shock..and have remained numb since then. He, and the loved ones he left behind, have been on my mind since that moment. My heart aches for all of you. I did not keep in touch with this group of friends since high school, and I regret it. My memories of Tim are driving around in his red truck, watching his band play with him on the drums. He was always smiling. It seems his character remained true and his love for life and God remained strong. May you all seek comfort in knowing that you will see him again! Tim’s tragic death has reminded me of the importance of not taking anything for granted and letting people know you care. Tim, your life made a difference to so many ! My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
Leila | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 9:45 am | #

Skater or Die, Man!
Skater Joe | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 12:35 pm | #


My heart and prayers go out to you–I lost your # call me if you need anything.
My prayers are with the whole Garrety Family.
Jen Rossi | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 1:05 pm | #

Miki and Gavin, you and all of Tim’s family and loved ones are in my prayers.
I lost touch with Tim over the last several years, but he will always remain in my mind and in the minds of all who knew him as a shining example of a true man of God. He made a greater impact during his 33 years here than most make in a lifetime and we were all so blessed to have known him!
Jeannie Fleming | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 1:42 pm | #

Tim Garrety

Man of God, of love, of faith and hope of one day hearing “Well done good and faithful servant”.

20 years of life with Tim. He was one of the conduits Christ used in reshaping me, allowing me to understand the truth and purpose 6 years ago. He led by example and led well. His words were few, his actions intentional. Tim lived for others and welcomed them into his space. He brought people into an environment that created dialogue and safety.

Miki – Roger said it well, “You completed him.” Your love, grace and mercy is so evident. Your husband is the example of how to be a husband. How to love and cherish a wife.

Gavin – Your father set an incredible example. He set the bar on how to be a loving and caring father. You are your fathers son. The seed has been planted well and will grow with help of friends, family and community.

Frank and Lynne – How blessed that God chose you to raise Tim.

We are honored to call the Garrety clan family.

Clint & Gina
Clint Garman | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 2:39 pm | #

Dear Miki, God has truley graced you with his love and strength. May you know you now have two angels watching over you and Gavin always. My family continues to pray for you and we keep you in our thoughts throughout the day. Know you are loved by some whom you have neve met and some whom you may never meet.
Lisa | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 2:53 pm | #

I desperately wanted to be there yesterday to pay my respects and celebrate Tim’s life. Unfortunately I couldn’t be physically because I am hundreds of miles away & our great dane, Tyson, had her 1st litter of pups. In my midst of mourning, thru the miracle of life, I received this sign from Tim, telling me to dry my tears & embrace life for all that is glorious & beautiful. I’m sure that is what he wants all of us to do….CELEBRATE LIFE & all it has to offer! So I named the first pup Tim. Thank you, thank you Tim for still showing me the silver lining in life when I needed it most. You will continue to inspire those who loved & knew you, along w/ countless more lives that you/we may never know. Although I was not there physically I was definitely w/ everyone in spirit & paying tribute to Tim Garrety, a great man loved by all.
Laura Klemm | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 3:16 pm | #


Man, seems like forever ago since those days on the ol’ football field at Buena High. Our paths crossed briefly here and there after graduation, but I can still see your smiling face in my mind as if it was yesterday. As I was told of your passing via e-mail this morning, I was saddened. I hope that all who are struggling to come to grips with this trial in life will take comfort in knowing that Tim is in a far better place that we ever could imagine. Tim isn’t gone – He’s just gone ahead.

I’d like to share a favorite poem which I think is fitting of the kind of life Tim lived and loved…..


If I knew it would be the last time
That I’d see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly
and pray the Lord, your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time
that I see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss
and call you back for one more.

If I knew it would be the last time
I’d hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I could spare an extra minute
to stop and say “I love you,”
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do.

If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
Well I’m sure you’ll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away.

For surely there’s always tomorrow
to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance
to make everything just right.

There will always be another day
to say “I love you,”
And certainly there’s another chance
to say our “Anything I can do?”

But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I’d like to say how much I love you
and I hope we never forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you’re waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you’ll surely regret the day,

That you didn’t take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss
and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today,
and whisper in their ear,
Tell them how much you love them
and that you’ll always hold them dear

Take time to say “I’m sorry,”
“Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” or “It’s okay.”
And if tomorrow never comes,
you’ll have no regrets about today.


Thanks for allowing me to be a small part of your life, Tim. Rest easy, brother.

The Mooseman
The Mooseman | Email | Homepage | 04.25.05 – 8:00 pm | #

Frank, Lynne, Paula, Miki & Gavin ~
The loss of Tim is deep and I will never forget the wonderful times we shared growing up. I know that God will give you the strength and comfort to guide you through the diffucult times. I am happy to see what a truly amazing person he became. Tim was always caring, thoughtful and larger than life, his laughter and smile contagious. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

With much love,
Dianne Flores-Ward
Dianne Ward | Email | Homepage | 04.26.05 – 12:47 pm | #

Have you ever known someone who could look past all of the imperfections you try to hide and truly love? Tim was that person. He was my friend. I don’t quite know what to say, and have rewritten this message far too many times. I looked back into some writing I did while I knew tim and found a poem that I wrote about him and what a true friend he was to me.

Have you ever known someone in your life who was truly and uniquely special?
Someone you could talk to, about your inner most thoughts?
Someone who knew everything about you, every little secret that hides in every dark corner of your soul,
And they liked you anyway?
Have you ever known someone who, despite all the the stress of everyday life still wants to play?
Someone whose Childlike expressions of love; so innocent, so sincere, so real, touched your heart in a way no-one had before?
Someone who unlocked the freedon to love unconditionally?
Have you ever known someone who was filled with the spirit of the lord?
Someone who tried to live his life for Jesus in everything he did?
Someone who was real, authentic, and true in his love for Jesus?
Have you ever known someone who was talented musically, creatively, athletically – and they never boasted about it, but enjoyed it as their own? or more importantly, as God’s gift.
Have you ever known someone who loved you so much they would give you your independance? Someone who encouraged you to lead your own life, and would help you with it, even if it meant that things would change?

Have you ever known unconditional love?
I have known someone like this

I was friends with Tim when I first became a Christian. This poem reminds me of Tim, but also of becoming a Christian. It reminds me of the fact that Tim strived to embody all of the love God has for us. I grew in many ways during the time we were friends. Tim was a special person who will be missed greatly!

To Miki,
I an thankful that you have so many people around you. Lean on them, the few I do still know, I am sure will be there for you at any time. Take all the strength God gives you, for he is there for you most of all. You are a beautiful person Miki, I am so sorry…….this has happened

I see Tim’s smile in Gavin… You have a perfect little piece of Tim to love for the remainder of your life down here on earth.

Thank you,

To everyone who was involved in the celebration of Tim’s life….It was exactly …. perfect…..Thank you for all of your effort
Heather Duke | Email | Homepage | 04.26.05 – 3:54 pm | #

Frank our prayers are with you.
Ron and April Jackson | Email | Homepage | 04.27.05 – 7:34 pm | #


It’s Thursday. I’m in Starbucks on Telephone. I waited until today to read these comments and puposely chose this place to read them in. This was the last place that Ben and I saw Tim. Tim was his usual gentle happy self that day — he shared with us a book about meditation he’d been reading and wanted to apply to his prayer life. The discussion animated him. We talked about the four of us getting together soon to reconnect. Just a regular day, regular conversation. We did not know it would be our last.

God took Tim home at just about same the age that Jesus began his earthy ministry. I find that interesting, only because it gives perspective on all that Tim had accomplished at such a young age — not only for himself, but for the spiritual wellbeing of others. Tim surely made God proud, joyfully embracing the tranformative task of moving from man’s philosophy to God’s truth on a daily basis.

I smile thinking of Tim exploring his heavenly new digs, Miki, romping like a puppy through what must be irresistable grandeur. But I also smile for the great gift God gave Tim here on earth… the great gift of you. We do not know each other well, Miki, yet it was evident in Tim’s coutenance and demeanor that God’s chose just the right woman for him. Tim oozed peace, a reflection of the loving earthly home that was his temporary residence. Praise God for his sovereignty.

Ben and I pray for you and Gavin daily, as we all faithfully stand by God and His promises.
MaryEllen Rasnick | Email | Homepage | 04.28.05 – 11:04 am | #

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  2. Tim
    Words cannot express. It has been too long but I will never forget and I will share the stories of your life with your son often. He misses you every day. I hope you can see him from where you are now.

    Dan McGranahan

    Dan — November 3, 2008 @ 1:34 am